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Mentorship Programs for African Women


If you’re a man, please don’t skip yet. I’m sure you have mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunties, and nephews (or nieces rather💀😂).

In today’s rapidly-advancing world that constantly begs for knowledge, education, and upskilling, mentorship programs proves a useful growth tool. Now, among the different categories that stand to gain the most from mentoring are African women. 

Essentially, mentorship can be a trigger that sparks the power of the BLACK WOMAN.

Mentorship programs for African women can be a beacon of empowerment and progress, and we’ll explore all its rationale. We’d break it down into puff-puff-sized bits and provide some popular mentorship programs for women in Africa. 

The Rationale Behind Mentorship Programs For African Women

Here are some reasons why African women need mentorship now, more than ever;

Empowerment and Inclusivity

African women are the core and pillars of several communities. However, cultural gender roles and biases hindered their access to education, economic opportunities, and leadership roles. In this context, mentorship programs counteracts these challenges and empowers African women to seize opportunities that were previously denied them.

Bridging the Gap By Knowledge and Experience Sharing

Mentorship programs allow experienced individuals, often established experts or leaders to share their insights and knowledge with bright African women. The exchange focuses on guidance, making informed decisions, and building a holistic perspective on personal and career growth.


Leadership isn’t all about occupying a cubicle in an office. It’s about causing positive change, driving innovation, and steering meaningful conversations. Mentorship equips women with the ability to become leaders. It instills them with confidence, negotiation skills, and effective communication skills.

Breaking Stereotypes

In many African societies, deeply-rooted stereotypes and societal biases still limit women. Exposing women to others who broke through the stereotype in the professional industry can be transformative. It encourages women to dream bigger and chase their dreams passionately.

Creating a Supportive Network

Mentorship programs don’t function in isolation; they establish a supportive network that extends beyond mentor-mentee relationships. African women benefit immensely from joining a community that understands their challenges and celebrates their successes. These networks provide a safe space for women to seek advice, connect, share experiences, and collaborate on positive initiatives.

8 Mentoring Programs for Women in Africa

Here are eight effective mentorship programs for women across Africa;

  1. The future is female mentorship program 2023
The Future is Female.

The Future is Female Mentorship program is a PR and communications mentorship program by C.Moore Media, designed to cater to the business development needs of African Tech female founders. Their goal is for PR to support women in raising visibility.

  1. Moremi initiative
The Moremi Initiative

The Moremi Initiative Mentoring program  engages, inspires and supports the personal and leadership development of young African women. It’s a program created to strategically build multi-generational solidarity and endure professional linkages.

  1. African women leadership and mentoring initiative
African Women’s Leadership & Mentoring Initiative.

The African Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Initiative premises on the understanding that the conditions of women in Africa will improve only if there is change in the development situation of their nations. The Initiative focuses on leadership, access to resources and power, the dominance of men in leadership and decision making.

  1. African women in GIS mentoring program 

GIS MentoringAfrican Women in GIS support and bring together women interested in developing skills for a geospatial career. They provide a structured mentee-mentor pair and peer-to-peer mentoring model for professional development.

  1. Inspire her Africa 

Inspire her Africa is another initiative that allows one-on-one mentoring sessions with experienced industry experts. It has a flexible learning syllabus, tailored to individual needs. Overall, they provide networking opportunities for women.

  1. Women in Africa 

Women in Africa help their participants grow in their careers by receiving coaching and guidance on their aspirations. Mentors and mentees meet at least once a month, in a virtual, hybrid, or in-person format.

  1. Accelerator mentorship program for women-led SMEs in Africa 

The Accelerator Mentorship Programme supports few selected women entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa with one-to-one mentorship with a panel of globally leading experts. It provides women tools developed by FAO, IAFN and other institutions.

  1. Women in renewable energy in African mentoring program 

IFC’s Women in Renewable Energy in Africa Network (W-REA), partnering with Energy2Equal and the GWNET aims to advance the role of women as agents of change in the energy transition. It’ll address the gender gap in the renewable energy sector and advance the careers of mid-career women working in the energy transition.

Empowerment as the Path to Progress

In a continent rich with culture, diversity, and untapped potential, these programs serve as catalysts for change.

While they hold immense promise, they also face challenges. Potential barriers like language, location, cost, and limited mentors affect the effectiveness of mentorship programs. Addressing these issues requires an intentional approach involving collaboration between governments, NGOs, corporations, and educational institutions.

The path to progress is paved with empowerment, and mentorship programs are lighting the way.

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