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Highlighting Academic Achievements on Your CV as an International Student


If you care to ask, there’s always a RIGHT way to do things. 

This simple rule is what many international students get wrong, especially when prepping their CVs, Resumes, and other vital documents. 

In today’s job market, it’s not uncommon for a single job posting to attract over 250 applications. This can be a formidable challenge, especially if you’re a student or recent graduate lacking extensive experience. This is why it’s critical that you understand how to “package” your CV and make it stand out.

If this is what you need right now, consider this post your best beginner guide to highlighting academic achievements on your CV as an international student. 

Top 5 Tips on Highlighting Academic Achievements on Your CV

Whether you’re currently pursuing your education or have recently completed it, here’s how to effectively emphasize your student achievements on your CV.

1. Decide which accomplishments to include

Before you begin crafting your resume, it’s essential to identify which of your academic accomplishments shine the brightest. 

Start by perusing job descriptions that align with your desired field or industry. Take note of the core skills and experiences the employers seek. This process will guide you in pinpointing and showcasing the most pertinent achievements.

2. Mention only the most relevant achievements

While your work experience might be limited, your academic accomplishments can be valuable assets, especially when they closely align with your desired role or industry. In such cases, it’s crucial to incorporate these relevant achievements into your resume summary, education, or accomplishments section.

For instance, if you’re seeking a sales position and have completed a relevant college course, your resume summary might read,

“Secured a 97% score in Digital Marketing 105 course, after crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy for a fictional brand Body Fit.” 

This effectively highlights your relevant academic accomplishment that can grab the attention of a recruiter.

3. Add facts, figures, and context where possible

Once you’ve identified the skills, experiences, and achievements you want to showcase, start compiling a list of relevant details, including GPA, sports accomplishments, leadership roles, competition placements, academic awards, and honors. 

When adding these academic achievements to your resume, provide as much context as possible and quantify your accomplishments whenever you can. 

For instance, instead of stating, “graduated magna cum laude,” you might say, 

“graduated magna cum laude with a 4.0 GPA, the highest in my graduating class,” 


“ranked in the top 5% of my class for exam results.” 

Using actual numbers will not only offer context but also highlight the impressiveness of your accomplishments. Doing this always catches the recruiter’s attention, ensuring they quickly recognize your most remarkable feats.

4. Give more details about your educational qualifications

In the education section of your CV, list the institutions you’ve attended, the subjects of study, and your grades. Then, go deeper by taking the opportunity to delve into your academic accomplishments. 

You can provide additional details such as relevant coursework, studying abroad experiences, your GPA, academic honors, scholarships, and more. You can include these details under your chosen subject, or you may use bullet points to spotlight vital information, like:

  • Distinguished Scholar Award recipient in 2021 and 2022
  • Consistently on the Dean’s List for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA

Reference: The above example and parts of this blog content are excerpts from

5. Add an extra section for unique accomplishments 

Consider adding a separate accomplishments section in your CV if you’ve amassed a significant number of impressive accomplishments from both your academic pursuits and extracurricular engagements. This allows you to provide more in-depth information and greatly aids the recruiter in quickly locating and reviewing your standout achievements.

Place this section towards the bottom of your resume, just below the education segment. Also, quantify your achievements here, as it can significantly enhance the impact of your accomplishments.

Final Notes

So you see, having little work experience doesn’t mean you can’t sell yourself through your academic achievements. You only need to adopt the tips discussed in this post and painstakingly apply them when highlighting academic achievements in your CV as an international student. 

And if you find all these too much to handle, consider subscribing to our PTMA professional package for students. We have the expertise and experience to help you prepare a fresh CV or revamp an old one to make you stand out. 

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