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Go Remote: How To Land Your Remote Job on LinkedIn


It’s no news that the era of remote work is here to stay and prevail. Ever since Covid, several surveys show a significant increment in the remote workforce, with increasing projections. While it increases massively in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, it has also become a trend in Africa.

Since everyone is doing it, how does one secure a coveted remote job in this rapidly

evolving landscape, especially LinkedIn? Here is how to land your remote job on LinkedIn.

Identify Your Abilities and Interest

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Remote work cuts across several sectors, from tech, marketing, and education, to content creation, and healthcare. You should begin by pinpointing your skills and passions, then tailor your job search to the role that best suits them.

For example, I enjoyed writing fiction stories in high school, now I’m an expert storyteller and content writer following my passion and making bread while at it.

Optimize Your Resume to Land your Remote Job

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Remote employers on LinkedIn and other job boards look for specific skills, such as

attentiveness, communication skills, and tech-savviness. On your CV, highlight your

experiences with remote tools, teamwork skills, and effective time management abilities. If you worked remotely previously, even during the Covid 19, endeavor to mention it.

Optimizing your resume in such a manner shows your adaptability to the remote work


N.B: Don’t forget to properly optimize your resume using the job post’s description. This will help identify you amongst the throngs of other applicants as to what they’re looking for.

Build an Online Presence

Online Presence Matters.

Having a well-optimized online presence on LinkedIn is a sure game changer for any job application. It’s not enough to just have a LinkedIn profile, you need to build your brand there.

Some useful tips to help your profile stand out are developing a personal website and showcasing your portfolio. You can also run a blog site to share industry insights and showcase expertise.

Remember, recruiters often conduct online searches to find potential candidates. If at all you find them first, they’ll also do their digging, and your profile is what tells them about you.

Make that profile badass.

Consider Freelancing or Contract Work

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If it proves difficult to find full-time remote employment, you can start with freelancing or a contract arrangement. Reorganize your job search to accommodate these work structures

and you’ll find a wider array of job opportunities. This way, you can build your portfolio, gain experience, and be more eligible for full-time employment.

Expand Your Network

Build your network.

Networking is, and will remain a crucial factor in the remote job market. On LinkedIn, your network is one of your greatest strengths, as they help in several regards. First, you may have someone in your network who can hire you, connect you, or put in a good word for you.

Also, you can find yourself a mentor, a community in your industry, and a platform for joint growth. Start growing your network today. You can explore virtual career fairs, video webinars, and industry events. Besides landing a job, networking grants you access to valuable insights into the remote work landscape.

Stay Informed About the Remote Job Market

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The remote job market is volatile, with new opportunities arising daily. Stay informed by

checking LinkedIn and remote job boards. You can subscribe to newsletters to update your

knowledge on the latest insights. Doing so will give you a competitive edge over others in your job search.

Stay Consistent with Your Efforts

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Please, don’t expect to land a gig on your first job application. I mean, it’s possible, but very rare.

Not to be an agent of doom, but you may have to submit fifty to a hundred applications before you land one job, so get used to rejections. Don’t get discouraged, rather use it as cannon fodder to fuel your motivation. As such, patience and consistency are key when searching for a remote job. Don’t let rejections weigh you down. Rather, keep refining your CV, building your network, improving your skills, and sending your applications to job postings.

I assure you, you’ll land a good one eventually.

Explore LinkedIn Premium

An image of LinkedIn Premium.

Oh oh oh! Now here’s a tip that might require spending a little. Can you tell me of the popular actor who said “There’s no great success without an equivalent sacrifice”?

I don’t know either. It just seems like something they’d say in a Hollywood movie. (Hey Netflix lol).

Anyway, LinkedIn Premium offers additional features that can enhance your job search. A

premium sub lets you send direct messages to recruiters, access insights about who viewed

your profile, and use InMail messages. These special features can be the only thing standing

between you and your next job.

Ace the Job Interview

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Remote job interviews usually happen online. It’s therefore vital to familiarize yourself with different video conferencing tools. Take time out to practice with some of these tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Skype, and several others. Similarly, make sure your internet connection is reliable and your background is quiet and peaceful. Again, since it’s not a physical meeting, remember to showcase your communication skills, proactivity, enthusiasm, and grace.

Practice frequently asked interview questions and try answering as best as you can. your mentor can act as a viable soundboard for all your sessions, and they’ll also help correct your mistakes.

Here’s where we conclude

By using these tips, you can position yourself as an attractive candidate in the world of

remote work. Embrace the potential that remote work holds, and put in your best to be a top-tier remote worker. Remember to be proactive, adaptable, and updated. With this

knowledge, you can shape your world however you like.

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Cheers goal-diggers.


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