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Best Guide: Everything You Must Consider Before Relocating Abroad


Joy, anticipation, sweet dreams, and many good feelings will naturally come to you whenever you think about a successful relocation to a foreign country. But then, you will also have to deal with anxiety, frustration, and fear of the unknown as you continue to make plans.

We understand all these and also know how best you can stabilize your emotions in this kind of situation. The secret is simple – prepare well. Start by taking the time to read this guide that details everything you must consider before relocating abroad.

10 Things to Consider Before Relocating Abroad to Any Country

If you want to overcome the roller coaster of emotions that hits people when they are planning a relocation, do the following:

1. Plan Your Finances


Is your local bank aware of your travel plans? Please let them know – you will thank yourself for doing so.

Also, ask your bank about the foreign currency account they offer and their overseas transaction fees.

You should also inquire about a foreign currency credit card, its fees, and how it can be used abroad in your destination country. These steps will help you gain insights and plan your finances right.

2. Learn More About Your Destination


Can you even pronounce the name of the city you are moving to?

Have you learned anything about the weather there – is it usually cold, hot, or warm?

In all of your planning, make sure you learn as much as you can about the destination country even if it’s a place you have visited before.

3. Consider the Visa Requirements


It’s easy to look at the world map and point to any country as your desired destination for relocation. But the truth is: each country has different visa requirements for letting people in.

Some countries offer visas on arrival while others require that you apply for a visa in your home country before you can come in. Do well to find out the cost of a travel visa to the destination country and the different types of visas available. Get your options right.

4. Apply For The Visa


Of course, it’s necessary to mention this so we don’t hear stories that touch.

We strongly advise that you don’t just pay someone off to do the entire visa processing thing. Try to get involved in the visa application process – it will make you more knowledgeable.

Applying for a visa – especially for the first time – can be exhausting. You should try to curb your anxiety and patiently go through the process. Also, try to avoid mistakes that can cause a visa denial. Yes, visas can be denied if things don’t go well – so take your time.

5. Check For Jobs


Not all beautiful countries have the type of job that can sustain you financially. In fact, there are many cities abroad where unemployment is the trending problem. So, don’t be too carried away by the beauty of an “abroad” city – check the available jobs too.

Another thing to note is the right-to-work law which applies to anyone seeking to work in a European country. Many companies prefer hiring people with the right to work in an EU country because it’s easier and less expensive.

Also, remember that you might need extra certification or a degree to practice some professions in the destination country. You can equip yourself with valuable skills by taking any of PTMA’s online tech courses. Tech skills are the hot cake that can get you a job anywhere.

6. Research Childcare and Parenting


If you are relocating abroad with kid(s) between the ages of 0 – 2 years, you must consider how to look after them in your destination country. We are pointing this out because the cost of childcare for children in this age bracket can be quite expensive in first-world countries.

As for parenting, don’t be surprised if you discover that developed nations have stricter rules. The country might have laws mandating the father and mother of a child to be equally responsible for childcare. You don’t want to get into trouble by attempting to impose your home country’s parenting law when outside your continent.

7. Learn About the Cultural Differences


Well, prepare for a culture shock.

You will likely notice a huge cultural difference when you relocate abroad for the first time.

For instance, you might notice women going to work in some countries while the men stay at home to care for the children. This might be shocking to you especially if you come from an African country where men are usually the breadwinners.

8. Research Accommodation and Transportation


Where do you plan to stay when you move abroad? That’s a valid question you shouldn’t ignore.

There are countries that don’t allow holders of temporary visas or foreigners to access loans. So, do well to research and plan for your accommodation before moving to any country.

Aside from accommodation, go the extra length to understand how transportation works in the destination country. You don’t need to have it all figured out, but just ensure you have a good idea of how things work over there.

9. Understand the Healthcare System


Don’t assume the healthcare system for every country is the same even if you are a health practitioner. Do your research, read online materials, and ask questions from experts – it will surely help you.

More importantly, find out which healthcare service is free and which is not. Such knowledge will be of great benefit if you are treating a special medical condition.

10. Have a Support Network


Avoid fighting family and friends before leaving your home country. You need them as a support network when moving to a faraway land where you might not even have any acquaintances yet.

To be honest, relocating to another country can be stressful and emotionally draining sometimes. The easiest way to maintain sanity and adjust quickly is by staying in touch with your support network. And, if you are a religious person, your family and friends could also support you in prayers.

What Else Should You Know?

Well, we have highlighted the key factors and everything you must consider before relocating abroad. The ball is now in your court – you can always come back to read this guide all over again to be sure you are doing things right before moving abroad.

However, here’s a quick highlight of some other things you need to know as well.

  • Never attempt to relocate abroad just because it’s the latest trend. Do your findings and make sure it is something you really want to do.
  • Avoid selling off all your valuable properties in your home country just to afford the relocation. Make sure you have a solid plan before taking such a step.
  • If you wish to get a job quickly in any foreign country, subscribe now to a PTMA professional package and let our experts revamp your CV/Resume, LinkedIn profile, and job application letter.
  • Avoid promising too many people expensive gifts that you will send to them when you move abroad. This will only put unnecessary pressure on you.
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